Dementia: Stressed out Australian brains

Stressed out Australian brains Dementia Contact Us by Kate Della-Vedova Posted: 2 August, 2019 Reading Time: 11 Minutes Ask A Question List Item 4 years ago dementia was ranked as the 4th most debilitating cause of disease and injury burden; in 2017, nation-wide dementia was the 2nd leading cause of death.  Since 2003, the disability […]

Spotlight on Mr Bob Pavone

Spottlight on co-founder, Mr Bob Pavone Clinicians ahead of the Curve Contact Us by Kate Della-Vedova Posted: 1 August 2019 Reading Time: 9 Minutes Ask A Question Olympic weightlifting has nothing to do with the size of your biceps as Australian champion and national record breaking jockey Willie “The Wizard” Pike will attest.  Using […]