A Healthy brain habit:


by Kate Della-Vedova

Scientific evidence has demonstrated living a positive, spiritual life improves brain function. 

This is your Neuro Strength Australia pre-frontal cortex [PFC] brain hack: put pen to paper and write one thank you card each morning to anyone or anything you’re grateful to; your spouse, pet, boss, assistant, teacher, the universe, the lady who gave you a great book recommendation. Write one to yourself for starting this habit! 


Hand written cards demonstrate real thought and care to the receiver.


Empower your PFC to direct your behaviour positively and lovingly direction for the long term and connect meaningfully with others. 

A healthy brain avoids activities that manifest in negative plasticity and seeks out opportunities that activate centres for positive neuroplasticity: all you need (once again!) is a pen and paper. Ahhhh, the simple life.


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Brain Health

Being POSITIVE Does count!